We give reliable quotes that reflect the complexity of the questions you need answered, and the duration of the effort. Our work is team based, because we wish to share what we know to maximize the benefits of our work for our clients.

Persona Development

From $2500

1-2 Weeks

Achieve agreement on who you are targeting and why through facilitated team participation.

Target the Right People!

AB-Why? Testing Discovery

From $3500

2-5 Weeks

Learn the why behind your customer preferences. The fuel that powers future insights.

Tell Us About It!

Customer Research

From $4800

2-10 Weeks

Do you want people to love your products and services? Find out how by discovering why they will!

Discover the Why!

What Drives Cost?

One determinator of cost is the number of people to be interviewed, which in turn is driven by the complexity of the effort. With a sound hypothesis focused on a single problem you can reduce the complexity (and therefore the number of participants) to as few as 5, and still have confidence that you can gather enough data to glean actionable insights. Another significant factor is the number of stakeholders involved in the project or product. The accuracy of this is important to ensure the right problems are investigated. A large number of stakeholders affects the effort for the entire duration.